Why don’t you

I’ve recently fielded questions from almost two people about why the long pauses exist between posts.

Ahhh, the creative muse, you see, she’s fickle and I cannot control when the- whatever. That’s all rubbish to me. The real reason I don’t post is because usually my sketchbook ends up looking like a shopping list of someone who has the brain of a potato.

So instead of posting things like this:

I decide that, maybe, it’s smarter to leave the blog in limbo. Then again- what the hell do I know about blogging? It’s not like I’m Candy and Sarah over here.

I could always go with this instant classic:

A shorthand chart for crocheting. Complete with bad handwriting.

Yeah, that's a sexy afghan pattern all right!

I call it- that pattern I can never remember the name of from that yarn catalog. It moves me.

Sometimes, it’s not that there’s no doodles to be had. They’re just.. well… here look for yourself:

Small doodles, spaced far apart and poorly rendered.


I mean, first off- they’re not spaced right to be cropped. Second, they’re well.. I can’t speak too poorly about them; I made them after all.

So to ease the pain of having to look at all that- here’s a pretty picture I sketched out. I was going to put a mouse on a rainbow motorcycle but there just didn’t seem to be a good place for it.

A pencil drawing of a person's eyes.

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