My i and me

It all starts so innocently. You want to watch that youtube video of a guy farting out the birthday song, maybe catch up on some funny cats and take a few pictures of a live band. Next thing you know, you’re sharing your life with an inanimate object that is more demanding than half of my exes. Well, okay there’s only three of them… but still.

Look- we all know these things. We all know it applies to anything so no spam- eh? The hate mail makes a good day sad-faced and it will find you and possibly make fun of you at the mall.

It all starts somewhere

Meta Note- I just imported the old ST into the new ST here at wordpress so the older entries aren’t exactly formatted the way I like them. I’m going to be working on them for the next few weeks (fret not, I’ll still do new posts) so please, bear with me. I’m a one treehouse production here.

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