Something a bit different

Today I’m posting something a little different.
I finally hooked up my tablet and took it for a spin.
So I wanted to share some of the First Born From My Lovely Tablet (Thank You Mom, I Really Like It).
Let’s begin.
First up- a nice pink bubble.
It reminds me of a negative photograph of rippling water.
This one is fun and funky.
I really had a blast with the wide brush strokes.
I really really like this one.
I have such an obsession with raindrop shapes.
This one is the closest to a ‘finished’ piece that I’ve done, to date.
It’s set to The Reeling by Passion Pit.
Looking at the piece one could view it going either way- spiraling up or down.
How appropriate for me then.
Next post will be back to the hand drawn doodles.
Just wanted to share the fun of technology.
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One Response to Something a bit different

  1. Miss Jumper says:

    I like yo doodles!!!

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