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Teef and No Sleep

Apparently the theme for today is teeth and lack of sleep. How these combine inside my head? No idea. Full Page looks pretty good. Lots of movement on the page and too much overlap. I had to get creative with … Continue reading

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Rainy Party Trees

Let the Midnight Doodle shine the light on me. (sing if you want) Whole page is actually spread out nicely this time. Ahh the beauty. I always miss the best parts. Weird all-seeing eye tree is go. I repeat, weird … Continue reading

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Jellyfish and Poopbirds

Another day dawns here in the treehouse. The squirrels are fat and the birds are happy. Full Page is spreading wide and trying to keep other pictures out of my magical Crop Square. It didn’t work, as you’ll see below. … Continue reading

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Seedlings and hungry clouds

Two AM sleep? BAH! Bah, I say! To the doodle page! Big Picture- not a lot here, but it’s quality. Quality. The Download Honesty we all wish we had. Seriously, just let me know when I can walk away for … Continue reading

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Whoops upside my holiday

Sorry it’s been a while. Holidays, blah blah laziness blah blee blah twisted ankle whoopdee bloo blah Bloop. Now on to the goods- Up first is the whole page shot. It’s a twofer so let us all rejoice and give … Continue reading

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