Waiting for fall

The whole sheet is pretty slim this time.
A very quiet day in a very quiet house.

I am waiting… just not willingly.
Hurry up fall!
Bring on the fireplaces!
Bring on the wet leaves!
Bring on lower utility bills!
Blurry pic- this one gave me fits.
I still adore the design though.

I’ll take mine charred like the black hearts of my foes, please.

Obvious yet fun at the same time.
I kept saying “when the drumbeats go like THIS”
while I was doodling it.

I make funny noises. I’m a three year old hyped up on pixie sticks.
Wonga Bonga Boo.
Whatever passes the time.

I should have made his stripes plaid.
That would be a ludicrous eggplant.

Fur AND antennae? I’m there!

Walking through woods on a snowy evening.

Hard to do snow with only a black pen.
Use your imagination.

No real explanation needed for this one.

Batman is on tv right now.

Mom, Dad, don’t touch it! It’s eeevil!


I like this little happy flame.

Maybe it’s me when I sit and watch the fireplace go.

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