Doodle Day Two

Day two (electric boogaloo) of doodles.
First Up-
The whole sheet view.

A little face time?
I’m not sure where this came from.
Poor little non-digital televisions…
I absolutely love old transitor radios.
There’s just something about them.


Who doesn’t want some more brain every
now and then?
Don’t forget the bib.

Sometimes it likes to eat the sammich.

Typical ‘gamer’ look that cartoonists (and the general public)
rely on to convey all that is ‘Gaming’.
Or it’s that drawing fat people is much easier.

Big lipped snail? Why yes, we have one left.

Peace Turkey. Tofurkey in training?

Don’t pretend this has never been your brain.

Random tripple chin dude. Like the eyes though.

Inspired by that Robot Chicken sketch with the lemurs.
For Freedom!

Ultimate transpo. Big gun, jets, hot tub, bouncy castle
and some porta-potties.
What more could one want?
This has been so much fun. I think I’m going to run with this for a while.
Maybe after having this blog for almost a year, I’ve finally figured out what I want to do with it.
Slow moving, but I’m getting there all the same.
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