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Casting In Death- aka don’t fear the reaper

So the In Death series by JD Robb is amazing. If you haven’t read it- shame shame shame on you. I was looking around at a couple of messageboards today and there was a thread about casting a series or … Continue reading

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It’s killing me and not so softly at that

So theres this movie, Bunty aur Babli, and everyone has been raving about it. My netflix is so slow it might take another week to get here. It’s driving me slowly insane. There’s this one song from the film that … Continue reading

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the view from my balcony

I’m basically a hermit. I like hermiting and it likes me right back. I like staying inside and watching the world while having a nice glass of iced tea. So I thought I’d share my view on this little planet … Continue reading

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My bedhead is fierce, yo

Behold the power of my bedhead! Tres Impressive, no? I think this will be a regular feature- Saturday bedhead. Or just my crazy mop o hair in general. It does odd things while I sleep. Maybe like the toupee from … Continue reading

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Afternoons at the pub and other itty bitties

Will and I went to the bar last night. Had a good time hanging out with the early birds. I stopped going to the late night (after midnight) crowd because there’s too much posturing and positioning to see who will … Continue reading

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Hearts of Thunder, GERD of pain

Oh Johanna Lindsey, how I love your Malory series! Unfortunately this book was as painful as your Malory novels are joyous. Let’s start with the cover- which the author no doubt had not much to do with as its a … Continue reading

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The evil that is my cat

Biscuit, yes that’s her name, has decided that our new plant is hers for the taking. She has made it her bitch! Twice she’s taken the poor plant, Ferguson, down from the mantle and drug it kicking and screaming across … Continue reading

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