Puns and Buns

Today we’re going to explore the amazing world of bunnies, punnies and something else that rhymes with ‘ies’.

I'd like to apologize to those two seconds I just took of yours. You can keep the groan though.

line drawing of a bunny looking up. words say bunnies look up

See? Bunnies can look up.

It's a lie. I've said it and it's STILL a lie.

It's a stone cold fact. You cannot argue this.

Yes, it’s short. But look on the bright side- I’ve put up three posts this week.


Ugh, out of breath now. I bet some bologna would help that. Yes, I believe it would.

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Why don’t you

I’ve recently fielded questions from almost two people about why the long pauses exist between posts.

Ahhh, the creative muse, you see, she’s fickle and I cannot control when the- whatever. That’s all rubbish to me. The real reason I don’t post is because usually my sketchbook ends up looking like a shopping list of someone who has the brain of a potato.

So instead of posting things like this:

I decide that, maybe, it’s smarter to leave the blog in limbo. Then again- what the hell do I know about blogging? It’s not like I’m Candy and Sarah over here.

I could always go with this instant classic:

A shorthand chart for crocheting. Complete with bad handwriting.

Yeah, that's a sexy afghan pattern all right!

I call it- that pattern I can never remember the name of from that yarn catalog. It moves me.

Sometimes, it’s not that there’s no doodles to be had. They’re just.. well… here look for yourself:

Small doodles, spaced far apart and poorly rendered.


I mean, first off- they’re not spaced right to be cropped. Second, they’re well.. I can’t speak too poorly about them; I made them after all.

So to ease the pain of having to look at all that- here’s a pretty picture I sketched out. I was going to put a mouse on a rainbow motorcycle but there just didn’t seem to be a good place for it.

A pencil drawing of a person's eyes.

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Shoddy paper

I love paper. I love thick, bumpy thirsty paper.

So I do what most people who have Pulp Love do, I bought a sketchbook. It wasn’t cheap but self, I said, you’re an artisty-type of a person and artisty-types should have good paper. Splurge!

I don’t know why, but whenever the artisty side of me makes decisions, the logical side of me gets shafted.

Case in point- this sketchbook. It’s horrible. The binding is made out of steel so the pages don’t lay flat. The paper is about as thick as a roll of 25-cent toilet paper and it’s labeled as ‘heavyweight’.

When I think heavyweight I think of this:

Haye, a large well-muscled man, stands with a large hammer.

This guy could kick my cheap paper's ass

That’s Haye the Hayemaker. That’s the kind of brutality I want from my paper. I want paper that can swing a hammer the size of Canada. Paper that can make women blush. Paper that can… hang on- getting a bit carried away there.

So! Instead of Power Paper I get this:

awwww..lookit at face!

Cute? Yes. Looks great? Yes. Absorbent? Probably. Will it leak more than it will hold? Definitely.

So, thanks to paper manufacturing being in the state it is These Days (get off my lawn!) I end up with little blotty marks under the page of the work I’m currently on. This leads me to go through sketchbooks at twice the normal rate. Unacceptable! This does bring the ire of me, or something like that. Something like that but that sounded better in my head.

So here’s my response:

Now you think about what you've done. You think about it good!

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Tribute to Bears

Hi Allie! I made this for you- not in a creepy way, but in a thank you way. You’ve inspired me to get back on this blogging horse and for that- I wanna say thanks.

So, thanks.

Oh, and here’s a picture I drew of you on a freakin rocket-powered pterodactyl! Hope it makes you smile today.

For everyone else- go check out Allie’s blog if you haven’t already because it rocks like damn and woah.


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My i and me

It all starts so innocently. You want to watch that youtube video of a guy farting out the birthday song, maybe catch up on some funny cats and take a few pictures of a live band. Next thing you know, you’re sharing your life with an inanimate object that is more demanding than half of my exes. Well, okay there’s only three of them… but still.

Look- we all know these things. We all know it applies to anything so no spam- eh? The hate mail makes a good day sad-faced and it will find you and possibly make fun of you at the mall.

It all starts somewhere

Meta Note- I just imported the old ST into the new ST here at wordpress so the older entries aren’t exactly formatted the way I like them. I’m going to be working on them for the next few weeks (fret not, I’ll still do new posts) so please, bear with me. I’m a one treehouse production here.

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Quiet nights and monsters of yarn

Back to our regularly scheduled programming. Well, more like random stuff I finally get around to doing when I remember and Mercury isn’t in retrograde with a dewpoint of less than 80. 
On Tuesdays.
First up! No one big page this time- there are only snippets.
Ahhh, the zen of lifting shadows. 
Or the zen of sitting on clear acrylic furniture. Either way.
Yes. Excellent.
A weird ball/man/star thing.
I’ll put it next to the gazebo.
I’m not entirely sure why I like this one so much.
I think it’s because it’s just so cat. Take pretty much any cat and they will eventually end up in mid-butt lick and find something so interesting that they transform into oddly-posed statues.
 I love this quiet little barista too. 
I originally was going to have him do something snarky…but he just looks too kindly.
Shadow Fingerdog returns!
If you do any kind of thread or yarn work- you know exactly what this is.
That giant pile of stash you have been steadily growing for the past few years has gone sentient.
Sometimes there’s no explanation I can give you.
My mind- she’s a funny place to be sometimes.
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Something a bit different

Today I’m posting something a little different.
I finally hooked up my tablet and took it for a spin.
So I wanted to share some of the First Born From My Lovely Tablet (Thank You Mom, I Really Like It).
Let’s begin.
First up- a nice pink bubble.
It reminds me of a negative photograph of rippling water.
This one is fun and funky.
I really had a blast with the wide brush strokes.
I really really like this one.
I have such an obsession with raindrop shapes.
This one is the closest to a ‘finished’ piece that I’ve done, to date.
It’s set to The Reeling by Passion Pit.
Looking at the piece one could view it going either way- spiraling up or down.
How appropriate for me then.
Next post will be back to the hand drawn doodles.
Just wanted to share the fun of technology.
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